Why doesn't the dashboard reflect the course progress correctly?

The Canopy Team is aware of this issue and is doing our best to eliminate this technical bug; however, many web browsers like Chrome will cache the history of your browser and show you the incorrect versions due to a signal delay. 

Try to avoid the following actions as they may cause a cache or delay:

  1. You click through the course content too quickly and the browser cannot catch up to the latest screen. 
  2. You have multiple browser tabs open browsing different course content, so the browser does not know which screen to store. 
  3. You leave the browser window open for too long and come back after several hours, so the browsing page may be idle and log you out. When you log in again, the browser may show you the previously cached page.

How to avoid this issue?

Try not to open multiple tabs on your browser while using CanopyLearn, and always log out if you have to stop learning for a long time. 

How to solve this issue?

First, please close all your CanopyLearn tabs or browsers. Then, sign in again to refresh the page. Sometimes the latest progress will be picked up by your browser.

If it is still not showing up, you may always use our Support Form to reach us. Our team will investigate the issue for you.  

Please remember that your Certification of Completion will not be impacted by this issue as the certificate is only sent to whoever has scored all the quizzes and exams with 70% correct answers or higher. Read more about how to get your Certification of Completion.