What type of certification will I receive after completing CanopyLearn Medical Spanish or Medical English?

Learners who complete all of the quizzes and the final exam in a level — obtaining a minimum score of 70% — will be able to access a certificate of completion for that level through your Canopy profile. CanopyLearn Medical Spanish courses additionally are eligible for continuing education credits through ACCME, ANCC, and AAPA. You may claim 15 credit hours for each completed level or 45 credit hours for completing all 3 levels.

Determining whether someone who takes CanopyLearn can care for patients in a language other than English is left up to each individual institution, in accordance with ACA Section 1557. We do not recommend relying on the assessments in CanopyLearn for making these decisions. Our CanopyCredential Bilingual Medical Proficiency Test was designed specifically for this purpose.

Canopy does not prescribe a specific cutoff score for Qualified Bilingual Staff, as this is ultimately up to each institution or an individual's employer. However, we do have a recommended minimum of Canopy Conversational Level 2 (equivalent to CEFR High B2). An organization that prefers to be more conservative might choose Canopy Advanced Level 1 (equivalent to CEFR C1). It can also be appropriate for healthcare organizations to identify individuals at intermediate proficiency who may speak to patients in languages other than English in low-risk, routine situations, or with an interpreter also on the line. Canopy can work with organizations directly to determine this type of designation. Please contact us for more information.