What are the differences between the assessments in CanopyLearn versus the CanopyCredential test?

CanopyLearn is an eLearning course with practice quizzes and assessments. CanopyCredential is a standardized language proficiency test that can identify Qualified Bilingual Staff who can care for patients directly in a language other than English.

CanopyLearn is a medical Spanish eLearning course that includes 3 levels. At each level, you will see quizzes in each lesson and an end-of-quiz assessment. These CanopyLearn assessments are aligned to each individual lesson. They are designed to reinforce key concepts and measure newly acquired knowledge within the lesson. Learn more about our No.1 selling CanopyLearn medical Spanish online course here.

CanopyCredential is a standardized, scenario-based proficiency assessment of speaking, listening, sight translation, and sociocultural communicative competence. The CanopyCredential test is designed to evaluate your ability to apply bilingual skills in real-life scenarios and identify you as a Qualified Bilingual Staff (QBS) in accordance with the Affordable Care Act Section 1557. Learn more about CanopyCredential here.