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Introducing CanopySpeak A mobile Clinical Communication Support Tool that takes a 2-in-1 approach to empower your team to deliver the compassionate, timely, and specialized care they want for patients with limited English proficiency.

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The tool that allows your team to shine, cut time, and save lives.

You have a strong team. But many interactions between healthcare providers and patients with limited English proficiency are compromised due to the cumbersome logistics and budget constraints involved in procuring certified medical interpreters at every point of contact.

The shortage and high cost of interpreters minutes results in long wait times, revenue  stress, and worse patient outcomes, all of which negatively impact staff satisfaction.

CanopySpeak is a language proficiency practice app developed for health systems to empower their providers to communicate directly with patients with limited English proficiency and improve overall quality of care when calling an interpreter may be impractical or impossible. Users will  learn and practice routine medical phrases in foreign languages and apply them confidently in patient-clinician scenarios, while organization leaders track the teams learning and clinical progress.

Uniquely developed by our team of expert linguists, CanopySpeak delivers an innovative and customizable learning experience for 10 medical specialties and features clinical support tools so that your team can use it confidently and directly with patients in time of your most urgent need.


  CanopySpeak takes a 2-in-1 approach to help you learn, practice, and apply your medical language skills in real patient-clinician scenarios.

Provider Learning Mode

  • Master new phrases through interactive exercises when it's convenient for you
  • 5,000 human reviewed medical phrases in Spanish and Mandarin
  • Speaking exercises with over 200 patient interaction scenarios
  • Create and tag playlists according to Canopy’s Essential Skills for Bilingual Healthcare Communication to practice the phrases you use most.

Clinical Mode

  • Searchable library of 5,000 human reviewed medical phrases; 22 languages overall.
  • Real-time reference with audio and text for each phrase for patient and provider interaction.
  • Customizable playlists of phrases for specific procedures that you commonly use.
  • Phrases in over 10 specialties, including Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, and more.


Methodologically Sound

CanopySpeak gives you high-quality translations, QAed by humans following the process outlined in ISO 18587: 2017.

Customizable Learning and Practice

Choose patient avatars, create and share custom playlists, and engage with multiple learning modalities to prepare you for real patient-clinician scenarios. 

Developed by Expert Linguists

Developed by a team with a combined 25 years experience in education, language aquisition, and learning design and over 20 years in healthcare.

Development & Design Based in the Science in Applied Linguistics

Based on the latest science in two sub-areas of applied linguistics: computer-assisted language learning (the use of technology to learn languages) and language learning for specific purposes (i.e., focused on the communication needs particular to a specific job or situation).

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More than a Medical Pocket Translator. Your team can also Learn and Practice on the Go.

CanopySpeak offers a complete interactive learning experience fit for any individual learning preference.

  • Medical-specific phrases, catered to routine procedures and common interactions

  • 10 medical specialties, including Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, etc.)

  • Five distinct—and quick—practice activities:
    • Assessments to Gauge Proficiency
    • Flashcards
    • Multiple Choice
    • Countdowns (timed modes to test yourself)
    • Speaking Practices with Different Patient Avatars
  • Personalization and Custom Learning Experience
    • Ability to save and return to “Favorite” phrases
    • Ability to create playlists from most-used phrases

CanopySpeak: The Final Piece of the Professional Development Bundle

The Canopy Professional Development Bundle comprises of four core products to help to turn your language access solutions from a sunk-cost center to a self-sustaining and revenue-generating operation by delivering tools to your team to help them communicate safely and effectively with patients when an interpreter is not available or is impractical. 


PD Bundle Section

Since 2010, Canopy Has Been on a Mission to Eliminate the Language Barriers in Healthcare with Several Innovative Solutions.

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Used by more than 1/3rd of Medical Schools in the U.S.

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Validated by over 175,000 users.

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The most widely-used platform in the world for training healthcare professionals in a foreign language.

Canopy's Current Clients & Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CanopySpeak for?
CanopySpeak is for any healthcare organization, higher education institution, or provider that would like to support direct communication between staff and patients to help your team improve patient outcomes, enhance staff satisfaction, and lift ROI.

How many languages does CanopySpeak support?
Speak currently supports 5,000 human-reviewed phrases in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, with dozens of other languages currently being developed by our team of expert linguists.

I already have some staff that speak Spanish and we have an interpreter service. Is CanopySpeak for me?
Absolutely! Interpreters are the gold standard of language access, but they are expensive and there are rarely enough around to cover your needs at all times. Even if you have team members that speak Spanish, medical terminology can still seem like a foreign language. Additionally, CanopyLearn + CanopyLearn, the #1 medical Spanish course in the US, are a terrific combination to help your team (even those non-fluent speakers) learn, practice, and apply their medical language training. With the complete Canopy Professional Development Bundle, your organization can further Qualified Bilingual Staff certify team members based on their placement on our fluency scale and ensure your team is compliant with ACA 1557. 

Is this app available on Android?
CanopySpeak is currently only available as an iOS app, but we plan to develop an Android version soon. 

Is this a learning app or a medical translation tool?
BOTH! Provider Learning Mode gives staff and clinicians exercises to strengthen their spoken language skills while Clinical Mode works as an intermediary and smart phrasebook that you can use directly with patients (when you need it most). 

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