When will my CanopyLearn subscription expire?

Your subscription to the courses on CanopyLearn will expire depending on how long you subscription is.

Your subscription to any of the courses on CanopyLearn will expire depending on how long your subscription is.

The subscription start date is the date when your purchase was completed. You subscription will auto-renew after your 6 or 12-month license period. Users can manage their subscription settings and turn-off auto-renew within their Canopy account. 

How do I find the subscription expiry date? Please go to canopylearn.io and click on your profile to find the current subscription end date. 

What does it mean that the subscription expires? If your subscription is not renewed, you can still access the CanopyLearn system viewing your previous progress, scores, and certificates, but you will not be able to access the course content until you renew your subscription.

How do I renew my course subscription? Your account is automatically set up to auto-renew, but you can manage your subscription settings within your Canopy account. 


If you are part of the institutional license, the renewal or subscription length may vary depending on your institutional settings. Please check with your institutional administrators directly or contact Canopy for more info.