What is the CanopyLearn Medical English online course?

CanopyLearn Medical English is a 45-hour, self-paced online course that focuses on building English language skills specific to professional, clinical healthcare roles that involve interacting with patients.

The healthcare workforce in the U.S. is increasingly multilingual. For healthcare professionals who use English as a second or additional language, or for those seeking work in healthcare, it is crucial to go beyond regular English classes and practice the language in medical-specific contexts in order to carry out job duties and deliver safe and effective care. Research and development of the CanopyLearn medical English courses was supported by grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The CanopyLearn medical English course is hosted on Canopy's proprietary eLearning platform and is completely self-paced. The 3-level course includes a robust 45-hour curriculum that covers medical terms, English grammar, pronunciation, reading, listening, and speaking.

CanopyLearn was created exclusively for the healthcare context and includes an original medical drama video series called Hope Hospital to build listening comprehension and vocabulary. Designed to fit into busy schedules, each lesson is subdivided into 10-15 minute modules that can be completed on a mobile phone or any device with an internet connection.

Because it's designed to build confidence when speaking, the course emphasizes speaking skills through audio-enabled role play exercises that let you record yourself and play back your own speech as part of a dialogue with a patient or colleague. It incorporates a large variety of interactive activities such as role-play exercises and vocabulary flashcards. 

Upon completion of each level, you will get a Certificate of Completion accessible through your Canopy dashboard on the login page.