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What is the CanopyLearn Medical Spanish online course?

The online course consists of a 40-hour all-3-Level medical Spanish curriculum with a self-paced eLearning system.

With 41 million Spanish speakers in the U.S., the goal of the CanopyLearn medical Spanish online course is to foster current and future generations of healthcare providers who can communicate with and serve the growing population of Spanish-speaking patients

Canopy has taken a unique approach to reducing myriad health disparities that result from poor communication or limited access. The research and development of CanopyLearn medical Spanish courses have been supported by multi-year grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The CanopyLearn medical Spanish courses are hosted on their own eLearning system, accessible on all kinds of mobile devices, and it's completely self-paced. The all-3-level courses include a robust 40-hour curriculum that teaches you the medical terms, Spanish grammar, pronunciation, and cultural differences altogether.

It incorporates a large variety of interactive activities in the curriculum, such as patient-provider role-play exercises and vocabulary flashcards. In each lesson, you can also watch the tailor-made medical telenovela to apply what you have learned to real clinical scenarios. 

Upon completion of each level, you will get a Certificate of Completion