CanopyCredential™ Practice Guide & Instructions

We want you to succeed. This video contains useful information about the test, the format and how best to prepare.

Preview video from Karina Loyo, PhD., MBA, CCDM, VP of Research and Innovation 



This test is designed to provide multiple and varied opportunities for you to demonstrate your medical language fluency. The test tasks require you to listen and then formulate a spoken response using the prompt provided. You may take notes throughout the test.

Things you will do as part of the exam process:

  • Take the Pre-assessment
  • Receive pre assessment recommendations
  • Take the test
  • Get your score

General Test Taking Instructions


About Viewing Videos and Recording Your Audio

  • Videos will only play once, cannot be stopped, rewound, or forwarded.
  • If you are ready to record before the allotted time is up, click “NEXT”. Otherwise, the recording will start automatically.
  • When you hear the beep, start recording your answer.
  • The recording cannot be paused. When time runs out, it will automatically stop and save your recording.
  • If you are done recording before time is up, click “NEXT” to save your recording and continue.

About Speaking Tasks

Answer prompts are provided throughout the test. These prompts are not meant to prescribe how you should practice medicine or deliver healthcare; rather, they are designed to standardize test-takers' responses so that our raters can focus on grading linguistic performance instead of the underlying medical validity of the responses.

As tips for your spoken response, to demonstrate your highest level of medical language proficiency:

  • Prepare an organized response.
  • Include all the requested information.
  • Use medical terminology and phraseology as well as lay terms the patient can understand.
  • Provide a socio-culturally appropriate response.
  • Use as much of the allotted time as you need to provide your most complete response.

Congratulations on your bilingual journey thus far!
We appreciate your effort to make healthcare more accessible to all patients.

Thank you for being a part of the solution.