Certify Healthcare Providers as Qualified Bilingual Staff

CanopyCredential is a standardized exam to measure and certify bilingual medical language proficiency for healthcare providers. It is the only scenario-based medical proficiency assessment that was specifically designed to assist healthcare facilities in identifying qualified bilingual staff in compliance withSection 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

 Improve the safety and quality of patient care for LEP patients

  Demonstrate proficiency as a Qualified Bilingual Staff(QBS) member

  Invest in your bilingual staff beyond the usage of interpreters

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Research and development for various Canopy products has been supported in part by the awards from the National Institutes of Health listed here.

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What is the CanopyCredential Assessment like?

It measures appropriate language skills for clinicians and staff(not interpreters): Bilingual clinicians and staff need specialized skills to effectively communicate with patients, including listening comprehension, oral communication, dialogue and interaction, and slight translation while treating patients directly in a language other than English. CanopyCredential is the only bilingual medical proficiency test specifically designed around patient-provider scenarios.

It integrates and evaluates socio-cultural communication skills: Along with effective language skills, it is important that communication with patients is socio-culturally appropriate. Understanding social norms, habits, and biases helps provide a framework for addressing barriers that are unique to that population. CanopyCredential is the only test that includes a measure of socio-cultural communicative competence.

It provides an interactive, scenario-based video experience: CanopyCredential is the only test of healthcare language proficiency that uses scenario-based assessment. This involves a series of tasks that mimic real clinical encounters, with multiple test questions that pertain to a single scenario with a single patient. Unlike existing phone-based tests, test-takers watch authentic videos of patient encounters that serve as the basis for listening comprehension questions and speaking prompts.

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Why Is Bilingual Credential Vital?

For Patients For Healthcare Professionals For Students
  • Improve the safety and quality of patient care
  • Decrease patient readmission rates in the LEP population
  • Increase overall patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores
  • Demonstrate your professional bilingual skills
  • Decrease stress and burnout when talking with LEP patients
  • Enhance communication accuracy & confidence


  • Increase the chance of residency match and hireability
  • Effectively address health disparities through improved communication with LEP patients
  • Shine on your clinical rotation when talking with LEP patients

How Canopy is Eliminating the Language Barrier in Healthcare

Canopy offers the only medical-specific framework for assessing and tracking a student's language-learning journey.
The Canopy Scale for Bilingual Proficiency in Healthcare Communication, developed by adapting the internationally recognized Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR) to the medical context based on a needs assessment and dozens of interviews with healthcare professionals, is the only medical-specific language proficiency scale in existence. 
Canopy also offers an Inventory of Essential Speaking and Listening Skills for Bilingual Healthcare Communication and a set of "can-do" statements that lets anyone track their proficiency progress on each skill.


Medical Spanish and Medical English Credential tests are rated in-house.

(turnaround time: 2-3 business days)


Ready to Help Your Staff Get Certified as a Bilingual Healthcare Provider?