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Do you want to help your Organization, Team, or Students get the competitive advantage they deserve?

Introducing CanopyLearn: The #1 medical Spanish course in the US, developed to help your organization stand out and your staff or students deliver better, culturally sensitive, patient-centered care.

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CanopyLearn is the #1 Medical Spanish e-Learning Resource for Medical Students and Healthcare Professionals.

Empowering doctors, nurses, students of medicine and healthcare staff to improve patient care while learning medical Spanish on their time, with 30+ medical specialties and the most flexible e-learning platform of its kind.

MDs, DOs, Nurses and PAs are also eligible to earn up to 45 CE credits!

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Research and development for various Canopy products has been supported in part by
the awards from the
National Institutes of Health listed here.

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Some of Our Current Clients & Partners

some of our current clients and partners

Interested in Bringing CanopyLearn Medical Spanish to Your Organization?

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Why Is Canopylearn So Powerful for Learning Medical Spanish?

Bite-sized modules crafted specifically for medical Spanish

  • Includes 40 hours of instructional content broken down into simple 15-minute modules.
  • 36 lessons spread over three target proficiency levels that employ a proven learning-by-speaking methodology.

Evidence-based methodology

  • Our Authentic Context Tutoring (ACT) pedagogy uses an “acquire, reinforce, apply” approach that will leave learners feeling prepared and confident in using their new skills
  • Learn by speaking: Learners progress from the passive role of receiving information to the active role of producing and applying new skills through flashcards, interactive practice, and patient-provider role-plays.

Role-play exercises, TV series, and much more. 

  • Multiple learning modes to fit any learning preference that make acquiring foreign-language fluency more engaging, effective and rewarding.
  • Grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary for 30+ medical specialties, all packed into interactive modules to give learners a more holistic and active learning experience.
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CanopyLearn Users Can Earn up to 45 Continuing Education (CE) Credits!

CanopyLearn Medical Spanish courses offer continuing education credits through ACCME, ANCC, and AAPA. Users may claim 15 credit hours for each completed level or 45 credit hours for completing all 3 levels.

CanopyLearn Medical Spanish has been planned and implemented by CME Outfitters, LLC, and Canopy Innovations, Inc. CME Outfitters is jointly accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), and the American Academy of PAs to provide continuing education for the healthcare team.



Since 2010, Canopy Has Been on a Mission to Eliminate the Language Barriers in Healthcare.

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Used by more than 1/3rd of Medical Schools in the U.S.

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Validated by over 175,000 users who have completed CanopyLearn medical Spanish course.

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The most widely-used platform in the world for training healthcare professionals in a foreign language.

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Ensure Your Learners Stay Motivated and Succeed With Our New and Improved User and Admin Dashboards

Learners now have a more personalized user experience with goal-setting capabilities to attain higher levels engagement, more accountability, and greater likelihood to complete coursework.

This empowers admins to set themselves and their teams up for success by giving more visibility into user progress and by creating a more personalized and goal-oriented experience.

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New Admin Dashboard

Easy to manage subscriptions, track user progress, and access customer support all in one convenient portal


Improved User Experience

Profile customization and personalized pledge goals creates higher levels of user engagement and more accountability to complete course goals

Detailed progress tracking

Easily view pledge goals set by your team and track individual user progress so that both you and your learners can get the most out of our tools


Interested in bringing CanopyLearn to your organization?

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Methodologically Sound

An NIH-funded e-learning course with real clinician-patient scenarios that make acquiring foreign-language competency more engaging, effective and rewarding.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Your students and staff are busy! Canopy Learn is a 100% online and mobile-friendly Medical Spanish course that works with their schedules.

Get Credentialed and Earn CE Credits

Learners can get credentialed as Qualified Bilingual Staff (QBS) after completing the medical Spanish program with CanopyCredential medical Spanish proficiency assessment.

40 Hours of Instructional Content Covering Top Medical Specialties

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Qualified Bilingual Staff Don’t Compete With Medical Interpreters, They Are a Compliment.

Going 'beyond interpreters' doesn't mean going without interpreters... it means becoming a resource for your patients for everyday, basic needs (that may free up interpreters for more critical communications).

A Qualified Bilingual Staff member can use interpreters if necessary, but they can also interact with LEP patients directly using their medical Spanish skills, allowing them to directly provide better care without depending so heavily on medical interpreters.

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Get CanopyLearn + CanopyCredential — Learn Medical Spanish and Get Certified

CanopyCredential is the first-ever standardized assessment to measure medical Spanish proficiency and certify the bilingual healthcare providers. It is specifically designed to assist the healthcare systems in qualifying bilingual medical staff to be compliant with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.


Interested in bringing CanopyLearn Medical Spanish to your organization?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CanopyLearn Medical Spanish for?
The courses are tailored for medical students, nursing students, residents, healthcare professionals, and organizations who want to deliver better, more compassionate care for an underserved patient population.

I already speak Spanish, is CanopyLearn for me?
Absolutely! Even if you speak Spanish, medical terminology can seem like a foreign language. Additionally, CanopyLearn + CanopyCredential are great ways to get officially recognized by your organization as Qualified Bilingual Staff (QBS), making your conversations with patients more compliant, and could potentially boost your candidacy and pay. You can even earn up to 45 CE credits.

What are the prerequisites to take CanopyLearn Medical Spanish?
There are no prerequisites for CanopyLearn. It is open for anybody who wants to learn medical Spanish. 

How long will it take to complete the CanopyLearn course?
Depending on the individual, learners can finish one level in anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months. Canopy is a flexible e-learning platform where you determine your own pace. The medical Spanish curriculum has 40 hours of content across all three levels, with an average of 12-15 hours of content for each level.

What Continuing Education (CE) credits does CanopyLearn offer?
CanopyLearn Medical Spanish courses offer CME credits for Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs) and Physician Assistants (PAs), CNE credits for Registered Nurses(RNs), and continuing education (CE) credits for Nurses.

Have more questions? Click here to visit the Canopy Help Center