Enriching and Supporting Student Success

CanopyEDU is more than a standard online language course. It's a hybrid self-paced and instructor-led program for Medical Spanish that integrates CanopyLearn, the #1 Medical Spanish online training in the US, with the support and guidance expected from an accredited university course, delivering the  perfect balance of self-paced flexibility and instructor-led accountability. It deploys an innovative "flipped classroom" teaching method that not only enhances your student’s basic language skills, but also prepares them for real-life clinician-patient situations with interactive speaking exercises placed in different sociocultural contexts. 


Research and development for various Canopy products has been supported in part by the awards from the National Institutes of Health listed here.


   Methodologically sound, and instructor-led: An NIH-funded, university instructor-led online course that will help guide and support your students through the semester like any other university course, including through virtual group practice sessions and course assessments.

   A Medical Spanish course that works for your students: CanopyEDU not only provides students ultimate schedule flexibility, it also delivers a highly engaging, experiential learning program focused on practicing speaking with real clinician-patient scenarios so that they’re ready to help Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients right away. 

   Save you time, money, and stress (while delivering better training): CanopyEDU provides out-of-the-box syllabi, lesson plans, and assessments to meet most academic requirements for university coursework, leaving the door open for you to offer it as a regular course offering for credit (without the typical administrative headaches and high costs).

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Students complete lessons and exercises with medical vocabulary, writing, and speaking exercises in addition to watching our unique Telenovela series, "El Puente del Destino" in CanopyLearn's NIH-award winning program. 


Students meet virtually with the course instructor and classmates to practice what they've learned through speaking exercises mimicking real-life patient-clinician scenarios.


Students receive support from the course's university instructor, including office hours, lesson support, and graded feedback, offering guidance to help students overcome their biggest language-learning challenges. 



About CanopyLearn

CanopyLearn is the #1 medical Spanish course in the US and, with 40 hours of instructional content spread over three target proficiency levels and 36 lessons, the most comprehensive self-paced e-learning platform of its kind. The engaging and bite-sized modules are crafted specifically for clinicians and staff and employ a proven learning-by-speaking methodology. With role-play exercises, a telenovela series, and more, users experience multiple learning modalities that makes acquiring foreign-language fluency more engaging, effective and rewarding.

How Canopy is Eliminating the Language Barrier in Healthcare

Canopy offers the only medical-specific framework for assessing and tracking a student's language-learning journey.
The Canopy Scale for Bilingual Proficiency in Healthcare Communication, developed by adapting the internationally recognized Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR) to the medical context based on a needs assessment and dozens of interviews with healthcare professionals, is the only medical-specific language proficiency scale in existence. 
Canopy also offers an Inventory of Essential Speaking and Listening Skills for Bilingual Healthcare Communication and a set of "can-do" statements that lets anyone track their proficiency progress on each skill.
CanopyEDU was designed to support students in improving the medical-specific proficiency related to each skill. 

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