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The first nationally accepted bilingual credentialing exam for healthcare professionals that uses real-life patient scenarios in a spoken-language medical proficiency assessment

The first standardized assessment for bilingual healthcare staff, designed to comply with the Affordable Care Act

 Canopy Credential is specifically designed to assist healthcare facilities in meeting bilingual communication requirements such as Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) stipulates that hospital staff who speak to patients in languages other than English must demonstrate that they are able to “effectively, accurately, and impartially communicate directly with individuals with limited English proficiency”.


Research and development for various Canopy products has been supported inpart by the awards from the National Institutes of Health listed here.

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CanopyCredential is the most compliant and effective bilingual credential system available for healthcare professionals.

Specific to healthcare

Features core bilingual skills and real-life clinical scenarios that are unique to communicating with LEP patients, such as interacting with family spokesperson and sight translation of documents.

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Results go beyond the exam

We go one step beyond by providing tailored recommendations for post-test learning based on an individual’s performance on the core skills.

Standardized language proficiency framework

Aligned with the CEFR proficiency scale and results are translatable to the ILR and ACTFL scales.


User Progress Tracking

Canopy has an executive dashboard with advanced capabilities for user management, performance reporting, and utilization analytics.

Qualified Bilingual Staff don't compete with Medical Interpreters, they are a compliment.

 Going 'beyond interpreters' doesn't mean going without interpreters... it means providing coverage for the 80% of patient encounters that are poorly supported or lacking interpreter resources.

A Qualified Bilingual Staff member can use interpreters if necessary, but they can also interact with LEP patients directly using their language skills, allowing them to directly provide better care without depending so heavily on medical interpreters.

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The Most Comprehensive User Support to Ensure Success

Before the assessment: Unlimited opportunities to do exercises and practice tests.

After the assessment: Receive a detailed analysis of fluency, and a roadmap for continuous fluency advancement supported by e-learning resources.

Medical Spanish and Medical English Credential tests are rated in-house.
(turnaround time: 2-3 business days)

Ready to get credentialed as a bilingual care provider?

Medical language tests to identify Qualified Bilingual Staff

How does CanopyCredential satisfy ACA Section 1557 for Qualified Bilingual Staff requirements?

first of its kind

The first of its kind

Designed to deliver the highest level of service and satisfaction to the limited English patient population, Canopy Credential is the first nationally accepted medical bilingual accreditation. 

Real patient-clinician scenarios

Employing a Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) approach presented via rich videos and interactive dialogs enables learners to demonstrate that they can effectively, accurately, and impartially communicate in a non-English language through spoken language skills and in real-life patient scenarios.

real patient scenarios
ACA 1557 compliant

ACA regulations top-of-mind

Canopy goes the extra-mile to ensure that every requirement of section 1557 for "Qualified Bilingual Staff" is fulfilled. The assessment also evaluates BOTH Medical English and Medical Spanish proficiency, in order to meet the ACA’s dual-language specification.

NIH-Awarded Content

Developed under a prestigious innovation research award by the NIH, and built by the same team that developed the most widely used Medical Spanish e-Learning Platform in the U.S., CanopyLearn.

NIH awarded

Designed by a team of linguists & psychometricians with high scientific rigor

Developed with an “Authentic Context Tutoring” pedagogy: Acquire + Reinforce + Learn

AI-enabled customization: personalized curriculum; practice-informed prioritization; pace of advancement that’s informed by achievement status

NIH-funded, evidence-based, and research-validated course and credential exam

Using CanopyCredential with CanopyLearn medical Spanish course

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CanopyLearn is our #1 awarded e-Learning platform for languages, specialized for healthcare professionals.

 After taking CanopyLearn medical Spanish or medical English, CanopyCredential is the bilingual proficiency assessment that will certify a provider as bilingual in accordance with the ACA Section 1557.

If a healthcare professional is going to learn Medical Spanish, they would benefit from becoming certified so they can utilize their learnings and truly make an impact on patient care. 

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