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Work in the Light of Language Access Compliance 

Introducing CanopyCompliance: a one-hour professional development course to educate medical staff and students on the regulatory requirements governing language access in healthcare.

Know How to Navigate the “Gray Areas” of Language Access Compliance That Can Put Patients and Healthcare Organizations at Risk.

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CanopyCompliance employs a scenario-based teaching method that mimics real-life encounters with limited English proficient (LEP) patients.

Specifically designed to assist healthcare facilities in meeting bilingual communication requirements such as Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) stipulates that hospital staff who speak to patients in languages other than English must demonstrate that they are able to “effectively, accurately, and impartially communicate directly with individuals with limited English proficiency”.

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The "Gray Area" of Language Access Compliance

Hospital administrators have a tough time translating complicated laws and regulations into everyday process for staff, especially when they already struggle to effectively communicate internal policies.

A lack of general regulatory awareness often forces staff to work in a gray area of compliance regulations, possibly putting their institution at risk. 

This customizable course covers federal regulations around language access as well as best practices to help organizations avoid those gray areas.

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Language Access encompasses 8 distinct operations:

1. CanopyCompliance: Staff training for compliance with language access regulations


Research and development for various Canopy products has been in part by the awards from the National Institutes of Health listed here.

The Power of CanopyCompliance

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Ready to Become Language Access Compliant?

Earn CE Credits!

1.0 units available for nurses, physicians, and PAs

Upon completing the Compliance course, users who pass at 80% or higher are automatically directed to complete pledges on the last page of the course (which sync with the pledges in their Canopy profiles)

Users are then directed to the CME Outfitters website where they can request the appropriate credits and immediately print their certificate

Fine-Tune the Curriculum for Your Institution

This customizable course allows administrators to embed their institution-specific policies into the curriculum, to keep staff aware of both internal and external compliance regulations.

Turn Practice Into Action

At the end of the course, formulate your Personal Action Plan that translates newly acquired understanding of the law into actionable steps towards reducing language barriers in the workplace.

Canopy’s suite of resources provides you with ongoing support to achieve the goals set in your plans.


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CanopyLearn is our #1 awarded e-Learning platform for languages, specialized for healthcare professionals.

Take actionable steps towards reducing language barriers in the workplace by learning medical Spanish and getting credentialed as Qualified Bilingual Staff (QBS)

Create pledges which sync with the pledges in your Canopy profile.

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